Amour Trends makes the world’s best Women Innerwear that will change the way you think and feel about Innerwear.

At Amour Trends we strive to set a new standard in innerwear. We do this through innovation in every aspect of the garment. From using new and best fabrics to develop a better garment. Amour Secret products simply feels better and fits unlike any other. Despite the amazing soft feel of our garments, we keep in mind that they are made with high durability and easy washability to ensure long-lasting use.

Amour Trends Founder, Ankit Mehra, had a vision for creating a fresh category in the Innerwear, one that was dedicated to comfort and softness in every single product, offering a comfy way for individuals.

Focusing on what inspired Amour initially, Ankit Mehra and the Amour team began featuring Products that would capture the comfort and lifestyle of the customers

Further, We believe in Creating the inner wear fashion up to date with the todays millennian generation with positive impact. Our mission is to provide you access to purposeful, comfortable, functional, and smarter products that can enhance our quality of life, and help us feel our best, so we can achieve our best.

From our company culture to our design process, we see our brand as a vehicle to make an impact.


Producing the best Women Loungewear isn’t easy.  To create basics this soft, yet durable—retaining its shape regardless of activity is more complex than you might imagine.

To create our collections, we source materials from around the world that are both rare and innovative. We work closely with fibre and yarn developers and employ unique knitting technologies to produce the finest and smoothest fabrics.

We believe we have a responsibility to engage in business practices that meet the highest legal and ethical standards.

With the fundamental goal of paying a standard wage to all factory workers, we ensure that the highest standard of ethical manufacturing is maintained to all levels, a standard that both protects and promotes all workers and creates an environment of trust and accountability.

We ensure that our products are produced responsibly throughout every step of its life cycle. This means we partner with suppliers who treat their own people well, value their own products & services, and are certified with international manufacturing and exporting standards.

There are no hidden pouches, panels or gimmicks.  Our design is streamlined, classic with a nod towards modernity.  We want the first thing you put on in the morning to be comfortable, uncomplicated and complementary.  When you wear Amour Secret, the best Womens’ Loungewear, we can comfortably promise you will always look as good as you feel.

We believe in responsible consumption and aim to produce with minimal impact to the environment. Most of our raw materials are sourced from renewable resources.  We require fabric mills to adhere to high environmental standards that include extensive recycling and a focus on green manufacturing.

We believe in treating our employees and suppliers fairly and with respect.  We select business partners who share our values.

All our fabrics, materials and finishes are carefully considered with no more than two things in mind: Is it more comfortable? Will it out-perform to create the best Innerwear?

Over the years, we’ve been around the world researching remarkable new fabrics and innovative knitting and finishing techniques. And we source only the highest grade of each fabric. We don’t cut corners by using knock-offs or “just like the real thing” fabrics. The result is Loungewear that we can comfortably guarantee is like nothing you’ve ever put on.


Every year, we select a beneficiary to our donation program and donate underwear to women who would otherwise have no access to them. We are committed to empowering women, and volunteer through several non-profits globally.

We support the mobilization of teen clinics as well as workshops about mental health for children and girls.

We also donate trees annually to help offset our carbon footprint.


Our brand reflects consideration, courage, and creativity. We are the bolder and clearer the better and we promises go big, challenge the status quo, and connect with consumers on a deep emotional level.

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